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Why is my computer unable to detect the Juzt-Reboot Card?

Ensure that the Card is properly inserted in PCI/PCIe Slot. You may need to try different available slot.
Some motherboard require you to change the BIOS setting on Boot Sequence to NETWORK/LAN or Juzt-Reboot selection to first boot sequence. If the computer has the PCI/PCIe Card auto-detect feature, you do not need to adjust the CMOS settings.
Some motherboard require you to change the Hardware Mode. Press [Alt] + [M] to get into PCI Card Hardware settings during POST. Mode A is the default and recommended value. This setting is only applicable to JR-PCI-NT 9.3 above and JR-PCI-VT 10.1 above.
Please also check CMOS settings to disable all Shadow RAM for testing.

My Windows Operating System is running abnormally in "User Mode" but works fine in "Supervisor Mode". I noticed the buffer space running out very fast within an hour of operating the computer. What could be the cause of this problem?

Always perform Windows Defragment and a full system scandisk before installing Juzt-Reboot® Recovery Card. Please perform a hard drive cleanup, to remove all Temporary files, Temporary Internet Files, Setup Log files, Compress Old Files, Web Client/Publisher Temporary files and Catalog Files for the Content Indexer. All these temporary files are automatically generated by the Operating System, especially for Windows 10 and 8.
Please allocate a system buffer size of 500 MB and above during the time of installation. It is recommended to allocate 1000 MB of system buffer for optimum computer performance.
Make sure the computer has more than 64 MB of RAM, especially if you are using Windows 10, 8, 8.1, 7, Vista, 2000, XP and 2003.
Configure Juzt-Reboot Recovery Card to the same file system as the Operating System.
DO NOT install other partitioning software or hardware. Juzt-Reboot® Recovery Card is capable to allocate multiple partitions on the first physical hard drive.
Please ensure that the Hard Drive does not have any bad sectors, disk read/write errors, I/O errors and system file errors.

7. Divert Windows Virtual Memory (Swap/Paging File) to another partition (e.g. D: Drive).

Juzt-Reboot® is installed but it does not seem to be functioning correctly.
This is because you need to install the Setup.exe or Install.exe which is on the Juzt-Reboot driver floppy or CD. This installation needs to carried out in [Supervisor Mode] or with the card [Restore Type] set to disable, this effectively puts the card in constant [Supervisor Mode].

I am trying to install Juzt-Reboot® Driver CD for Hardware Version, but everytime I press Enter at the prompt of "Please Insert Install Disk", it does not load the Installation Program.

Certain BIOS has some problem reading the Boot Sector from our CD. Try pressing "F5" to force BIOS to load the CD.

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