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“In the Maintenance Base of Lan Chile Airlines, we have experienced multiple problems with the PCs installed in the Technical Library. Those PCs lose the configuration very often and because of that, users constantly call our Help Desk and Support. Since we installed Juzt-Reboot Cards in those PCs, the continuing of the services has been really great and the number of calls to the Help Desk has been down to almost “zero”.”
Robert Petitpas
Manager User Services
Computer Department
“Ever since we have implemented the Juzt-Reboot cards into our client machines, I’ve had a lot more time to work on other important duties. Knowing in the back of my mind that all the machines automatically restore daily to ‘Day 1’ is a big relief and has taken much pressure off me both physically and mentally. I’ve even had time to clean the server room and put new business ideas to effect!”
Leecom Technologies Pty.Ltd.
Sydney, Australia
“In our area of our teaching, the requirements meant that students had to have administrator access to the Windows based PCs. With hundreds of students involved this meant obvious maintenance issues with continual repairing of problems and changes introduced by the students. The introduction of the Juzt-Reboot card meant a known image can be returned very quickly and easily. The number of maintenance issues have been greatly reduced.”
University of Technology Sydney
"We are delighted with the Juzt-Reboot product - and amazed at how fast we can recover a PC - this is a really impressive piece of hardware. In our business a broken PC costs us time and money - these cards are saving us huge amount of time. We can now easily setup our PCs to have multiple configurations and quickly switch between them - safe in the knowledge that it's impossible to upset the other configurations. The guys in Juzt are really helpful. I would strongly recommend this product to anyone faced with regularly restoring PCs. It is practically instantaneous."
Shane Broadberry, Director, IACT
"After intense testing of the product we were surprised with the performance of the card. What excited us the most was the fact that the product had no hidden agenda, it did exactly what it claimed it could do. It was tested on different operating systems and machines with the same results."
Irish League of Credit Unions
"This is to certify that, JUZT-Reboot System/Data Recovery Card supplied and installed by M/S Central India Trading Corporation, Nagpur is working satisfactorily and found very useful for data/system recovery and PC protection. Other features are also useful at the time of System Crashes."
Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited Nagpur, India
"Juzt-Reboot has helped us a lot to achieve our goal to have 100% uptime for all computers in our labs. We don't have to spend time to reinstall and reformat any computer anymore. Juzt-Reboot is easy to install and easy to be configured as well."
I.T Executive
Sunway University College
"It's good preventive method. Saves a lot of time and resources. Keep the downtime at the minimum level for lab computers."
Computer Services Department
Sedaya College

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