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Juzt-Reboot® Software PRO Feature Specifications

Juzt-Reboot® Software PRO is specially designed for Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 & 8.1 and Windows 10 (for all 32 bit and 64 bit versions)
Version Software PRO
Default setup  
Custom setup  
Unattended Setup  
Setup INI Configuration Wizard
Deploy it from network shares  
Deploy it with client side scripts  
Deploy it with server side deployment software  
Deploy it with Windows 2000 active directory  
Deploy it with Ghost-type system images
Restore system when Windows O.S. fails  
Restore system from Windows O.S.  
Restore system with batch files  
Restore system on restart  
Restore system on logoff  
Restore system by one-time schedule  
Restore system by daily schedule  
Restore system by weekly schedule  
Restore system by monthly schedule
Maximum snapshots 3
Take new snapshots from Windows console  
Take news snapshot with batch file  
Take scheduled snapshot within time range  
Build-in administrator account  
Password protected Windows access  
Password protected subsystem access  
Disable malicious direct disk IO
Program Settings
Hide system tray icon  
Hide program logo during startup  
Connecting to remote management console
Restrict System Resources/others
Disable Internet connection  
Disable USB disk  
Disable CD-ROM  
Lock system screen/keyboard/mouse  
Rollback without restoring the registry keys  
Schedule Windows updates and other updates

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Juzt-Reboot® Card JR-PCIe-NET Specification

Juzt-Reboot® PCIe-NET Recovery Card is specially designed for Windows XP32/XP64, Windows Vista32/64, Windows 7 32/64, Windows 8 32/64 and Windows 10
Version NET
Expansion Slot
PCI Express
Hard Drive Support
IDE / EIDE / ATA66,100,133 / SATA
PCIe Card Size
30mm X 33 mm
Computer Requirements
Pentium III and above compatible PC
Support all type BIOS
Yes (Award/ AMI/ Phoenix/ Intel/ and all the OEM BIOS)
Plug and Play
Installation Option
Express / Custom / Network Installations
Hard Drive Size
Support HDD 2TB MBR partition
Instant Recovery for the OS
Win XP/ Win7(x86/ x64) / Win8(x86/ x64) / Windows 10
Backup Recovery for the OS
All The Known Systems
L-CACHE Technology Support
Yes (True 32 bits kernel technology. Support UDMA 66/100)
S-DATA Technology Support
Yes (Smart detecting the free space with dynamic technology
Multiple Boot Partition
Yes (Support 48 System Partitions)
Specified Data Partition
Yes (Support 3 Data Partitions)
Password Control
Yes (Administration/ System Partition/ User / Backup /Restore)
Switching Backup Mode Selection
Yes (Switching from Backup Restore to Instant Restore Mode)
Default Boot-up Selection
Lock Boot Partitions
Auto Startup Delay Selection
Yes(1~99 sec)
Support 1 to 7 Cloning Simultaneously
Preset Auto-restore Boot Partition
Yes (Every Reboot/ Daily/ Weekly/ Monthly/ Specified Date)
Block Booting Media Option
Yes (By BIOS/ C only)
Protection Against PCIe Card Lost
Auto-clear Data Partition
Yes (Every Rebooting/ Daily/ Weekly/ Monthly/ Specified Date)
Title Menu Setting
*Network Cloning
Yes / NETCOPY with PXE 2.x (Clone the entire HDD/ Partition/ Parameters)
*Auto fix IP/Computer name
*Windows KMS
*Hardware change detection
*Remote Control program
Remote NetCard Parameter Setting,
Remote Monitoring/Control,
Remote IE Lock,
Remote Keyboard/Mouse Lock,
Remote File Sending/Executing,
Remote Message Sending,
Remote Scheduling,
Remote Reboot/Shutdown,
Remote Command Executing,
Remote Recovery Mode Switching
Uninstall Card
Yes (OS will remain after uninstall when installed by Express)

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