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"An alternative to less-secure software packages, Juzt-Reboot is an innovative and useful add-on card that would solve many headaches for PC users."
PC World
"An excellent tool for anyone running a public PC, or those that just want a safety net"; "The Juzt-Reboot card can safely restore your OS, come virus, accidental deletion or deliberate sabotage"; "Its basic functions were almost flawless, restoring files and data instantaneously. In User Mode deleting random system files and rebooting returned us to a pristine, undamaged system".
"It's also great as a learning tool - people are a lot more likely to take the risks involved in becoming a confident PC owner if they have something to fall back on."
PC Authority
"One of the strengths of the Juzt-Reboot system is that unlike other similar services, Juzt-Reboot offers protection outside the OS. Software solutions can be hacked and don't offer any real protection outside the OS. The Juzt-Reboot hardware card can protect against intrusions or corruption by intercepting them outside the OS or at hardware level. It protects your BIOS/CMOS settings and will automatically restore a good copy when any settings are tampered or corrupted."
Australian Computer Market
"The Juzt-Reboot card is ideal for use in environments where standard operating environments are necessary."
"Damage done by viruses, software conflicts and users who like to fiddle is automatically undone when the computer restarts. Juzt-Reboot offers more comprehensive protection than software solutions and Juzt-Reboot's more advanced "Instant Restoration" function allows the fastest recovery time."
The Sydney Morning Herald
JR-PCI-NT "Juzt-Reboot is an ideal product for people who have multiple systems or multiple users as it will protect your machines from viruses, file deletions and other mishaps that tend to occur in these situations."
JR-WOL-NT "For system and IT admins looking for a way to keep their systems in a single known state, the
Juzt-Reboot WOL-NT could be what you're after. The fact that it's also a 10/100 LAN card, with the capability to fetch and send Juzt-Reboot settings via the network, makes it look even better."
"Juzt-Reboot works well on every afflicted system and even in recovering data from some of the most dreaded viruses, such as the CIH virus and the oft-cursed boot sector deletion, which can render the system unable to boot or run the files system. In every case, rebooting your system would return your machine to its normal self."
  PC World
Juzt-Reboot T installeras i en ledig pci-plats. Kortet gor att datorn automatiskt aterstallis till sin ursprungliga konfiguration efter en ornstart. Juzt-Reboot klarar inte att aterstalla en dator dar det uppstatt fysiska fel pa harddisken.
This card is useful to users with important data.
"Anda tidak perlu bimbang jika ingin menukar data pada CMOS, memformat cakera keras, atau mengubahsuai PC. Apa yang perlu anda lakukan ialah melaksanakan proses boot semula dan segalanya kembali kepada keadaan normal tanpa sebarang operasi pemulihan tambahan"
Majalah PC
It basic functions were almost flawless, restoring files and data instantaneously.
PC Authority
The Juzt-Reboot T card had no qualms dealing with problems and excelled in restoring the system to its original state.
PC World Australia
Juzt-Reboot T is a totally innovative and brilliant piece of IT hardware engineering, unique and different from other backup utility and anti-virus software we have seen.
Computimes Shopper
As with previous test, it took only minutes to recover the entire system to its original functioning condition.
Spyware is even more worrisome that worm attacks; at least the latter get busy doing detectable damage, so you may be able to bounce back using products like Juzt-Reboot.
Irish Computer
Juzt-Reboot T este placa PCI inovativa si foarte utila; si este una dintre cele mai interesante solutii hardware de acest gen pe care le-am vazut pana acum.
Um produto inovador e extremamente funcional, que conseque recuperar o sistema em praticamente todas as situacoes, exceptuando, e claro, no caso de avarias de hardware.
Exame Information

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