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Finally the wait is over. The "Juzt-RebootRecovery Card" is now officially available!

  Problems that you may encounter   Features
  Hard Disk Formats
  Unknown Viruses attacks
  Software Corruption
  Deletion of files during installation
  of Applications

  Other Unwanted Alterations
  Support Multiple OS & partitions
  Support Unlimited HDD Size
  Plug & Play
  Intelligent HDD copy
  Auto Restore CMOS Data
  Backup / Restore Your System

Did you ever have the experience of re-installing your programs over and over again? Have you ever caused your system to be unbootable because you decided to get creative and modify your system Setup? Or maybe you feel that the BIOS password is not enough to protect your data?

Computer vendors or experienced computer engineers were needed to perform all types of system recovery. Not only can this task be costly and aggravating, but it also takes up a lot of valuable time. This is where our "Juzt-Reboot™ Data Recovery Card" comes into the picture.

It restores your hard disk drive back to its original configuration in just a matter of seconds. Even if your data was destroyed by a virus or was accidentally deleted, "Juzt-Reboot™ Data Recovery Card" will restore and recover your system instantly. Problems with your CMOS? The "Juzt-Reboot™ Data Recovery Card" will not only notify you of a malfunction but it will also perform a recovery operation to reset to your original system settings.

A computer is an excellent tool, which will ease your workload if properly used. But accidents like deleting the wrong files, changing the wrong settings or virus infections may occur. That is why the protection of your computer is very important. With the "Juzt-Reboot™ Data Recovery Card", your system will never be unbootable again. Even novice users will be able to experiment without the fear of causing any irreversible damage. As for the expert; he will be able to test any type of software without worrying about damage to his/her system.

Virus? System Recovery? Let our "Juzt-Reboot™ Data Recovery Card" solve all the hassles and troubles for you.

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